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Our Work

We are an international strategic consulting firm specializing in social innovation. We help good organizations across the private, public, and social sectors become great organizations through our distinctive 4x Impact™ framework which focuses on profits, the planet, people, and purpose. As a result of our work, humanity flourishes!

We take a holistic approach, utilizing adaptive solutions to assist our clients in identifying ambitious goals, implementing them, and ultimately turning these goals into reality.

Specific examples of our work include:

  • Facilitating several private sector clients’ planned manufacturing expansions – which provides a significant social benefit – into Eastern Europe and then traveling to introduce the clients to a number of leaders in that country.

  • Assisting a public sector client in an African country solve a variety of technical challenges in their domestic infrastructure through adaptive solutions that helps the environment and created hundreds of new and well-paying jobs.

  • Helping a social sector client raise capital, start, and manage a farming operation in Southeast Asia that resulted in a 37.6% ROI while employing over a thousand community members, helping improve the environment, and eliminating a variety of social ills in the process.

  • Supporting a social sector client in the Americas, whose environmental mission was impacted by a deficit in funding, create a new private sector entity, in a complimentary industry, that is focused on profit-making. In doing so, the client was able to successfully supplement its philanthropic funding, providing it with its largest budget in nearly thirty years.